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21 Day Challenge

20 May

It’s finals season.  What better time to procrastinate by adding another post to my (once again) neglected food blog?

Yesterday I stopped at MyFitFoods in Hermosa to grab a quick dinner in an effort to use every minute of my day trying to understand Organic Chemistry.  I still don’t understand Organic Chemistry.  The concept of the store is great– healthy, portion-controlled, prepackaged, fresh (never frozen) meals ready to be picked up for people on the go.  Or people who don’t have the patience or time to plan ahead.  I paid $11 for a “Medium” sized dinner (S, M, & L are offered) of poached salmon over a bed of sauteed veggies.  The meal was delicious & it was probably the healthiest option for takeout.  But, the price wasn’t all that awesome.  At Whole Foods (which is still expensive) I can pick up a high-quality piece of salmon and cook it myself for $5.  When you add in the veggies, I’m betting I could’ve made that meal at home for about $7.

MyFitFoods offers a 21-Day Challenge where you eat 5 of their small meals a day for 21 days.  They say it takes 21 days to develop a habit, in this case healthy eating.  The 21 days costs about $600, which to me seems very steep for 3 weeks of food for one person.  So, I’m challenging myself.  21 days of eating all home cooked, healthy, fresh meals for under $600.  Which means no eating out (yikes, this is going to be hard!) and no frozen yogurt (gulp, even harder!).  Starting after finals, of course.  Studying and sour belt candy just goes hand in hand in my book.