Super Bowl Bites

3 Feb

Super Bowl ’14 was an absolute bust, but the food was anything but boring.  Chicken andouille sausage and honey mustard “pigs” in a blanket, turkey chili, a crudite platter with a creamy jalapeno dip, the world’s largest platter of nachos AND a large pitcher of margaritas to wash it all down.   We topped it all off with chocolate whopper cookies from the bakery I used to work at in North Carolina, Foster’s Market.IMG_1323IMG_1237IMG_1314IMG_1288IMG_1277IMG_1329We also landscaped our front yard on Super Bowl Sunday.  I can take credit for the eats, but the following was all Joe (and the crew).  Grow, plants, grow!IMG_1337IMG_1338On our honeymoon we bought a 600 lb Siddhartha Gautama stone statue.  What. Were. We. Thinking.   After being housed in our garage for 4 months we had a strong to very strong feeling that it was never going anywhere.  But, with the help of some very strong men, we finally got it into our backyard.  Heeeeeeeey budda!  I can’t help but think about all the noodles we ate, jungle noises we heard, the moto we zipped around on, the monkey paws we held and the wonderful people we met in Bali every time I peep this guy.  We also strung lights above the yard.  Can’t wait for summer BBQs and warm(er) nights out back.  Mmmmm BBQs.  Go Peyton!  IMG_1331


One Response to “Super Bowl Bites”

  1. Suzanne February 4, 2014 at 5:41 pm #

    looks yummy! and the little green house keeps looking better & better!

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